The New Dartz Prombron’ The Dictator Aladeen Edition MMXXII Is a Movie Star on All Fours

Over a decade ago, Hollywood’s Paramount Pictures had a promising movie script in the works, and they needed a character with a flamboyant and eccentric personality to bring the story to life. The character is Gen. Aladeen, and the movie is The Dictator (2012). Paramount Pictures needed Gen Aladeen to epitomize an insatiable appetite for gold and wealth, an unwavering desire for power, and the attendant obsession with security. But the challenge was building a vehicle to reflect the dictator’s exorbitant lifestyle and larger-than-life personality. 

The production company contacted Dartz Motors, a trailblazer in the armored vehicles world, specifically requesting a “Hummer-like but unique” vehicle. Dartz Motors replied with three units of the DARTZ Prombron’ The Dictator Aladeen. And would later build seven licensed units for the market. It was the first time a supposedly military vehicle was converted to an opulent SUV for non-military use. 

Ten years later, Dartz Motors would celebrate the successful movie with a newer version of the vehicle, the DARTZ Prombron’ The Dictator Aladeen Edition MMXXII. Except for the lengthy name, everything about the SUV is awe-inspiring. The SUV caught the attention of Global SUV, making us link up with Dartz Motors CEO Leonard Yankelovich for a closer look.

More Rugged, Less Heavy

The Original Dartz Prombron The Dictator Aladeen SUV "naked state" showing metal
The Original Dartz Prombron The Dictator Aladeen SUV “naked state” showing metal

The original Aladeen SUV had heavy metal sitting on the Chevy Avalanche chassis from GM, making the SUV 40-50% heavier than the Chevy Avalanche. Surprisingly, the new Aladeen SUV has the same weight as the Mercedes Maybach GLS AMG, the car it is based on, despite being armored. Commenting on how the automaker achieved that for an armored vehicle, Yankelovich explained to Global SUV that “our new GBOL technology makes cars much lighter. The technology keeps an armored car at the same weight as the base Mercedes Maybach GLS AMG, and 40% lighter than the same vehicle if it is not armored.”

Side view of the new Dartz Prombron' the Dictator Aladeen Edition MMXXII

The GBOL technology is not the only fascinating thing about the new Aladeen SUV. Tuned by Dartz Motors, the Mercedes Maybach AMG V8 engine under the hood churns out an impressive 800hp and 738 lb. ft of torque. The powerhouse mates with a 9-speed automatic transmission to deliver power to all four wheels, helping the Aladeen SUV go from 0-60 in 3.8 secs and hit a 174-mph top speed.

Reinvoking the Dictatorial Spirit

The hood and grille of the new Aladeen SUV from Dartz Motors

The new Aladeen SUV does not look like any other car on the road. To start with, you are unlikely to randomly run into another because of the units produced and pricing, which we will explain later. But this is more about the imposing and flamboyant exterior. While it could use a gold-colored wrap, Dartz Motors opted for gold-coated carbon-kevlar body panels. The front features a giant grille adorned by the storied Wadiyan badge and a retractable hood ornament (the spirit of Aladeen) above it.

The new DARTZ Prombron The Dictator Aladeen MMXXII Wadiyan badge and retractable hood ornament

Only a little is known about the interior, and there are almost no pictures revealing anything, but Yankelovich has an explanation for that. “The cabin is built in line with the specific demands of clients. No two interiors are the same. The buyers may show some pictures after purchase, but we are not willing to do that.”

But if you are curious to know what the dashboard of the original Aladeen SUV looks like, the clip below is the closest we could get. Note that it does not tell anything about the new Aladeen SUV, especially as architecture and materials were upgraded.

We know for sure that the new Aladeen SUV is one of the most opulent vehicles in the automotive world today, thanks to the cabin’s architecture and quality of materials. The intending owner can opt for any exotic leather like python leather, snake leather, alligator leather, ostrich leather, etc. We also know that the infotainment system has a reel-to-reel tape recorder, amongst other unique features. What about using the SUV’s real diamond water filter? It’s a fun thing to try especially when you know that water isn’t really visible when it goes through a diamond. 

While the SUV can seat seven people, Yankelovich believes it is more suitable for four people to maximize its unmatched opulence. 

Resistant, but not Military

The new Aladeen SUV's outside trunk

One would not expect an SUV with the Aladeen’s performance figures to boast any resistance to hostility. But thanks to the GBOL technology, the Aladeen SUV boasts BR2-level armor. Intending owners who require a higher level of security can opt for the NATO-standard STANAG level 2 protection. DARTZ Motors can also include a bulletproof helmet and an umbrella made from alligator or python skin. Inside is a biometric safe for almost anything, including a handgun, sword, liquor, etc. There is also a trunk outside to keep your umbrellas and AKs (if you have one) safe. That gives you everything Gen. Aladeen has in The Dictator movie, except the virgin guards, of course. By the way, below is a picture of Leonard Yankelovich and the virgin guards from the movie.

Leonard Yankelovich and the virgin guards from the Dictator movie

The Aladeen SUV’s resistance features may present it as a military vehicle unsuitable for conventional use, but Yankelovich says that’s wrong. “While it (the Aladeen SUV) looks like a military vehicle, it is just an illusion. It is not a military vehicle; you can use it as your everyday SUV.” 

Assembly, Cost, and Units

DARTZ Prombron The Dictator Aladeen Edition MMXXII

The cost of the new Aladeen SUV varies depending on the unique demands of each buyer, but according to Yankelovich, “it starts from €1 million.” A client that opts for the STANAG package, bulletproof umbrella, helmet, and other personalized features will be spending a lot more than that. Dartz Motors built ten units of the SUV, which are now all sold out. Currently, the automaker is making more. 

All 10 left-hand-drive DARTZ Prombron’ The Dictator Aladeen Edition MMXXII are sold. Due to demands from Australia, UK, South Africa, and other places where right-hand-drive is used, we are now making 10 RHD,” Yankelovich explained.

Top view of the DARTZ Prombron The Dictator Aladeen MMXXII

There are rumors that Dartz Motors will build more units of the SUV if there are demands. Yankelovich does not entirely agree with that. “After building ten right-hand-drive, we will do something different if there are more demands. Of course, it will be the Aladeen, but a different model and look.” 

Perhaps, limited supply is part of Dartz Motors’ way of creating a sense of exclusivity –a sentiment the target market cherishes.

The new DARTZ Prombron’ The Dictator Aladeen Edition MMXXII is built across three countries with different operations. The interior is designed in Estonia,  the body is built in the Czech Republic, while the assembly is in Latvia.

At the moment, we are unable to get footage of the new Aladeen SUV on the move, but the following video shows one of the original Aladeen SUVS roaming the streets of London.

Final Words

DARTZ Prombron The Dictator Aladeen MMXXII Poster

The DARTZ Prombron’ The Dictator Aladeen represents the limitless prospect of the collaboration between the fictional world of cinema and the real world of automotive excellence. It introduces unmatched opulence and assured exclusivity to the international automotive market. Some may argue it offers too much “militariness” for a non-military SUV. But if you are wealthy enough to afford one, you need the protection that comes with it.