Built Right And Priced Right, Geely Nigeria Introduces The Azkarra

A few days ago, Mikano Motors lifted the lid on the identity of the new luxury SUV from its Geely Nigerian lineup, and it is the Azkarra. Geely Nigeria, the exclusive partnership between Mikano International and Geely Global, registered its presence in the Nigerian automotive market by introducing the X7 Sport and Emgrand 7 models. Leveraging its success with the two models, Geely Nigeria launched the Coolray SUV, which the Nigerian Auto Journalists Association awarded the “Best Compact SUV – Design and Technology 2021.” Determined to disrupt the Nigerian automotive industry once again, Geely Nigeria is set to introduce what is known as “The Gamechanger” and Geely’s most connected intelligent SUV, the Azkarra. Global SUV predicts that the 5-seat, hybrid SUV will give the Honda CR-V and the Toyota Rav4 a run for their money in the C-segment of the automotive market, and here’s why.

Geely’s Beauty Mark

Headlight and Grille of the Geely Azkarra
Via: Geely Global

Without any doubt, Geely’s design team is an expert in the business of building beautiful cars. However, the Azkarra’s subtle yet flashy design might be the best from Geely. The compact SUV has a raised hood and a pronounced grille. On both sides of the signature Geely pentagonal grille are gorgeously positioned deep-set intelligent LED headlamps.

Side View of the Geely Azkarra
Via: Geely Global

The air intake system stretches from left to right, complementing the beauty and improving aerodynamic performance. Sharp character lines combine with hood strakes to give it an edgy look. There’s not much happening at the rear. A stereoscopic rear spoiler adds to the SUV’s attraction, and so do the wraparound taillights.

Beauty Is NOT Only Skin-Deep

Geely Azkarra on the move
Via: Geely Global

The Azkarra’s aesthetic appeal is not at the expense of performance. Its 1.5-liter Three-Cylinder Turbo Direct Injection engine combines with a 48V EMS hybrid power system to deliver 190hp and 221 lb-ft of torque.

Blue Azkarra on the move
Via: Geely Global

The compact SUV offers fantastic performances across different terrains, thanks to the driving modes. While the Sport mode boosts acceleration, the Off-Road option offers better grip. The steering’s light tiller makes the SUV impressively maneuverable.

Quality, Technology-Heavy Interior

Hi-Tech Interior of The Geely Azkarra
Via: Geely Global

Geely says the Azkarra is the most connected intelligent SUV from them, and that is absolutely right. Equipped with modern intelligent drive features like Blind Spot Detection, Lane Keep Assist, Door Open Warning System, Intelligent Cruise Control, etc., the Azkarra promises safety and an improved driving experience. The SUV is connected to an AI Cloud, improving connectivity and entertainment. Most of the connectivity features are accessible via a huge 12.3-inch infotainment display integrated into a luxurious high-tech dashboard.

The Geely Azkarra has a spacious interior
Via: Geely Global

Beyond connectivity, the dashboard’s ambient lightning complements the plush tan napa leather cabin. The beautiful steering wheel catches attention, and so does the wheel adjuster for the driving modes. The panoramic sunroof improves the mood of everyone on board while they enjoy the spacious interior of the Azkarra.

The Biggest Selling Point – Pricing

A parked Geely Azkarra
Via: Geely Global

There is no precise information about the cost of the Azkarra in Nigeria, but a look into its price in other places can tell intending buyers what to expect. Starting at about $26,000, the Azkarra is in a nearby price bracket with some of the most popular vehicles in the compact SUV segment, like the Toyota RAV4 and the Honda CR-V. However, the Azkarra offers more luxury and technology. By combining impressive figures and European-inspired styling with its price, Geely gives the Azkarra the chance to compete in its segment of the SUV space.

The Geely Azkarra is stunning
Via: Geely Global

Currently, Geely Nigeria is offering exclusive benefits to people who preorder the Azkarra. Benefits include one-year free oil change, one-year free wheel alignment, free car registration, etc.

Final Words

Man entering the Geely Azkarra
Geely Global

Geely Nigeria’s new entrant offers technology, luxury, safety, and an impressive driving experience. On top of that, it is priced right. Co-developed with Volvo Autos, the compact SUV is equipped with the latest technology and built with some of the finest materials on the market today. Geely’s after-sales reputation, which we consider a wait-and-see situation, is the only concern here.