Distinct and Robust, The Rivian R1S Is Amazing

Rivian is one of the most exciting startups to have emerged in the automotive industry. Although it has been around since 2009, the upstart electric vehicle manufacturer announced its plan to build an SUV and a pickup truck in 2017. Unveiled by the California-based company at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show, the EV is crafted with expertise, has impressive performance figures and a distinct design, and looks set to compete in the luxury SUV space.

Some gearheads believe that the R1S’ strength is its best feature, while others can’t get enough of the luxury it offers. At Global SUV, we are convinced that the SUV provides equal measures of both in addition to other brilliant features, and here is why.

Performance-Oriented Engineering

Blue Rivian R1S on the move
Via Rivian

Built to outperform some of the best on the market today, the Rivian R1S boasts incredible performance specs. It utilizes a quad-motor setup, delivering power at all four wheels and offering precise wheel control. The Quad-Motor AWD enables 4-wheel torque vectoring, meaning each wheel can independently accelerate and decelerate. A compact 415 horsepower unit with 413 lb. ft powers the front axle, while a 420 hp unit with 495 lb. ft powers the rear. With a combined 835 hp on tap and 908 lb. ft of torque, the R1S accelerates from 0-60 mph in 3 seconds. The R1s also has a Dual-Motor AWD version which delivers a combined 600 horsepower and 600 lb. ft of torque.

The Rivian R1S is stunning
Via Motor1

There are two different battery options for the powerful SUV. The standard pack, which is only available on Dual-Motor, delivers about 260 miles. To get a range of 316 miles, pair the Large battery pack with the Quad-Motor drive system.

A No-Frills Workhorse

An Off-roading Rivian R1S
Via Rivian

Although the electric SUV fits right in with vehicles in the luxury market, it doubles as a hardcore off-roading machine. As a workhorse, the vehicle can tow up to 7700 pounds, but that is not all. The SUV is designed to excel on even the most challenging terrains. Thanks to the quad-motor system and different off-road drive modes, the R1S keeps going where many vehicles are likely to break down.

Rivian R1S Wheel
Via: Rivian

Complementing the SUV’s impressive off-road capability is an adjustable air suspension. Ranging from a ground clearance of 7.9 to 14.9 inches, the change in height varies by 6.5 inches. At 14.9 inches, the EV is suitable for extreme off-road use. Additionally, the driver can switch between modes like Off-Road Auto, Off-Road Rock Crawl, Off-Road Rally, Off-Road Drift, and Tow Mode to improve performance and driving experience off-road.

Distinct, Unconventional Architecture

Front of White Rivian R1S
Via: Motor1

The Rivian R1S’ design may draw polarizing opinions, but it doesn’t look offbeat. Although the SUV has no grille, the inward indent on the face brings the appearance alive. At the front, a thick horizontal LED strip runs from left to right. It serves as a daytime running light but also indicates charge level. Two stadium-shaped clusters look like they are hanging down the LED strip, forming the primary headlights.

Left Side of Forest Green Rivian R1S
Via Rivian

The near-flat rear makes the vehicle’s side profile look a bit unorthodox. But that is testament to the designers’ intent not to make it your everyday, run-of-the-mill EV. In terms of length, the R1S, with 200.8″ inches from nose to tail, is identical to the Tesla Model X with 198.3″. And while the former has an overall width of 81.8 inches, the latter has 81.6″.

Comfort Meets Safety

Interior of the Rivian R1S
Via: Topspeed

A flat-bottomed steering wheel beautifies the smart-looking cabin of the R1S. The designers combined some of the best materials with intuitive technology to provide a surreal experience at every row. Overlooking the three-row electric SUV is an all-glass panoramic roof, giving everyone in the cabin a beautiful view of the world.  

The Rivian R1s has a glass Panoramic Roof
Via: Wevee

Outfitted with Rivian’s hands-free driver-assistance technology called Driver+, driving is safer and easier. A leather wrap runs across the flat dash while the center console houses a 15.6-inch digital gauge cluster. The interior is packed with high-tech features, primarily accessible via the 12.3-inch touchscreen. There is enough legroom below the center console since there is no transmission tunnel. Also, while the R1S is a five-seater, you can add a third row to have seven seats.

Price Details and Membership Program

Opened Rivian R1S With people walking around it
Via: Rivian

Starting at $72,000, the Rivian R1s costs less than the Tesla Model X, which starts from about $84,990, and more than the Jaguar I-PACE at $69,850. Buying a Rivian R1S gives you access to the Rivian Membership program with many benefits.

Charging The Rivian R1S
Via: Rivian

Among other benefits, the program will give owners access to unlimited free charging on the Rivian Adventure Network, unlimited access to 4G LTE connectivity, Rivian off-Roadside Assistance and Adventure Extraction, etc. Interested buyers can preorder the R1S for only $1,000.

To Sum It Up

A Person in the Rivian R1S Cabin
Via: Rivian

It isn’t easy to put the Rivian R1S under one category. The SUV combines Tesla-fighting range figures with supercar-worthy acceleration. On top of that, it offers luxury. Considering its specs and cost, it is one of the best options on the electric SUV market.