The BYD Yuan Plus (Atto 3) Is Worth A Second Look

Now more than ever, Chinese automakers are stepping into the international automotive market, and BYD (Build Your Dreams) is another one that has caught the attention of many SUV lovers. The Warren Buffet-backed vehicle manufacturer unveiled the Yuan Plus, a compact SUV, in China at the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show. Immediately, BYD started plans to launch the all-electric vehicle in other locations, starting in Singapore and Australia.

As expected of most Chinese SUVs, the BYD Yuan Plus is an affordable option in the crossover EV market. While there is nothing extraordinary about the exterior, the inside of the 5-passenger SUV combines creativity and unique architecture with cutting-edge technology. 

At Global SUV, we are convinced that the BYD Yuan Plus, alongside the fantastic Lynk & Co 01 and the intelligent Geely Azkarra, will step into the international compact SUV bullring to give some European and American SUVs a run for their money.  So, while we watch as things unfold in the SUV market, here are a few things you should know about the BYD Yuan Plus. 

Dragon-Themed Exterior

The handsome-looking exterior of the BYD Yuan Plus

According to BYD, the Yuan Plus adopts the manufacturer’s Dragon Face 3.0 design language, but we have to admit that it looks like a typical Chinese SUV. Inspired by the dragon eyes, “dragon crystal headlamps” beautify the front fascia of the EV. The A-Pillar meets a sloping bonnet, while the roofline ends in a roof spoiler. Although the aggressive front bumper corners make the crossover appear muscular, it looks compact.

Red BYD Yuan Plus Looks Stunning

At the rear, a full-width taillamp mimics a dragon’s wagging tail. The side profile has a waistline running through to the rear, and we can’t help but notice the D-pillar motifs, which remind us of the honeycomb look on the VW ID.3. Measuring about 174 inches from nose to tail and about 73 inches from left to right, the Yuan Plus has similar dimensions as fellow Chinese compact SUVs, Geely Azkarra and Lynk & Co 01. Generally, the Yuan Plus is a handsome-looking EV. If the exterior doesn’t convince you, the interior will blow you away.

Multi Themed Interior 

The Interior of the BYD Atto 3

Automotive Designers are becoming more creative than ever, and lovers of style can’t get enough of the themes. Forget about the stubby gear selector with a capsule-shaped top in the Yuan Plus. If you are looking for a beautiful aircraft-themed interior, the INEOS Grenadier is what you want to see. But the inside of the BYD Yuan plus is a different world – a Karaoke studio or a gym, whatever you want to call it. According to BYD, the design is inspired by the world of fitness and music, which is evident in almost every part of the cabin.

BYD Yuan Plus Dashboard

The curvy dashboard mimics muscle fibers while the air vents look like dumbbells. As for the music theme, three red strings are attached to the lower part of the front and rear door panels. Call it a guitar if you like because they produce distinct notes when you pull them gently. The weirdest feature of the Yuan Plus has to be the built-in Karaoke system. Under the armrest on the front center console sits a wireless microphone that allows you to sing along as the drive gets interesting. So, play the guitar and create some memories. It’s Car-aoke time.

Platform And Range

Rear of red BYD Yuan Plus

The all-electric compact SUV sits on BYD’s new e-Platform 3.0, which features a heat pump and the “ultra-safe” Blade Battery technology. Offered in two battery options, intending buyers can opt for either 49.92kWh or 60.48kWh. The former has a range of about 198 miles at full charge, while the latter has a range of 260 miles.

BYD Yuan Plus Wheels

Both variants are powered by a front-wheel-drive electric motor which generates 201hp and 229 lb. ft of torque. The EV accelerates from 0-60mph in about 7.3 seconds.

More On Interior: Infotainment and Safety Features

The inside of the BYD Yuan Plus is stylish

A panoramic sunroof overlooks the synthetic leather seats in the cabin of the Yuan Plus. The curvy dashboard merges seamlessly with the door panels, giving a single-panel effect. The flat-bottomed steering wheel houses most of the controls, while a compact 5″ digital instrument panel sits behind it. At the press of a tile on the steering wheel, the 12.8″ rotating touchscreen can swivel from landscape to portrait orientation.

Rear seats of the BYD Yuan Plus Collapsed

Concerned about safety, BYD equipped the Yuan plus with cutting-edge driver-assist and security features. They include Lane Keep Assist, Blind Spot Monitoring, Front Collison Warning, Automatic Emergency Braking System, etc.

Extra Details (Pricing And Name)

BYD Yuan Plus Taillights

We are not sure what the BYD Yuan Plus would cost when it gets to Europe and the U.S. But in Australia, the version with a standard battery range is set at a starting price of about $31,000 (Usd, not AUD), while the extended range starts at about $33,000. While it is called Yuan Plus in the Chinese automotive market, it carries the BYD Atto 3 nameplate in Australia.